Monday, September 14, 2009

Local Mushrooms

My happiest find at the farmers market on Saturday was a booth for New England Wild Edibles, a mushroom grower located in Colrain. I have seen their mushrooms at Green Fields Market on occasion but not reliably. I was told that they are regulars at the Shelburne Falls and Ashfield farmers market but had only just begun selling at the Greenfield market. I do hope they continue! I bought shiitakes, but they also had hen of the woods and oyster mushrooms.

Now that I have a nice bag of fresh shiitakes in the fridge, I am pondering the possibilities of what to do with them. A stir fry or other Asian dish is always a good possibility, but shiitakes go well with other things, too, and can lend a nice meaty flair to vegetarian dishes.

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Robin said...

We used to buy awesome shiitakes at the Amherst farmer's market. Don't remember who the grower was.
Saw this recently and thought you might be interested/curious, if you haven't already heard about it: