Friday, October 2, 2009

How Do You Organize Your Freezer?

A full chest freezer in the fall is a beautiful thing. But since we only got the freezer late last fall, this is the first time it has been quite so full - and now I am struggling to figure out the best way to organize it so I don't have to take everything out to find what I want. Right now I have it full of big plastic bags that are full of one thing each (i.e. peaches in one, tomatoes in another). This method worked great with the freezer half full, but with it just about totally full, this means that getting to anything on the bottom (say, the bag of blueberries) means lifting out three or four bags of something else. It also means I have to remember where things are (though our freezer isn't that big, so it's not too hard to just look through bags to find what I want).

So, readers - some of you have undoubtedly been doing this a lot longer than I have. What's your method?

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Christine said...

We are planning to increase our local eating as well, and I'm looking for ideas to organize our chest freezer. I've tried stacking cardboard boxes before, without much luck, as well as posting a list on the top but I was the only one who used it! I did find one idea, which I might do if I can persuade my husband to cut up some plywood - cutting sheets of plywood or thin plastic to divide your freezer into smaller compartments.
How did you make out?