Saturday, April 2, 2011

Grain and Bean CSAs

Locally grown grain seems to be the next major growth area for local food here in the Pioneer Valley. Upinngil Farm in Gill has whole wheat and flour available at their farm store all year round, and Four Star Farms in Northfield now has barley, wheat, and spelt, plus flour, available at Green Fields Market on a regular basis. The People's Pint is now making 100% Local Ale from local grain and hops, and Valley bakeries such as Hungry Ghost, Wheatberry, and El Jardin are expanding their use of locally grown wheat and other grains. It's an exciting time!

Last year we saw the introduction of the Pioneer Valley Heritage Grain CSA, organized by Wheatberry Farm, offering shares with a variety of heritage grains and dry beans.

Now I've just learned about another grain CSA in the Valley, from White Oaks Grains in Belchertown, which has 40 shares available of 150 lbs each.

Both CSAs provide the grains in whole grain form, but offer the use of mills at the farm if you don't have your own. Check them out!

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