Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Ham from Bostrom's

Saturday Donovan and I braved the sort-of-plowed streets and made our way over to Bostrom's Farm here in Greenfield to see if we could find something good for Christmas dinner. We had hoped to go up to Wheelview in Shelburne but decided it wasn't worth it given the condition of the roads. We got ourselves a lovely smoked ham (quite enormous, but I'm looking forward to freezing leftovers), met Kyle Bostrom, and got to introduce 15-month-old Nate to the cows (which he thought might just be really big dogs, he wasn't totally sure). We had hoped to pick up some of their bacon as well, which is really excellent, but learned that Hope & Olive had recently bought all they had. Oh well. A good endorsement anyway!

I'm going to bake the ham with a peppery citrus glaze. Half of it anyway. I might just cut it in half and only glaze part of it, since there's no way the six of us are going to consume and eight pound ham, and glazing will make the leftovers less generally useful.

If you live in Greenfield or come into Greenfield frequently, Bostom's is super convenient (it's on Colrain Road) and they have a self-serve farm stand with the meat in a freezer. They sell eggs and raw milk as well, though we didn't check to see if they had any in stock this weekend. Kyle said they are currently out of beef and are expecting to have a bunch in starting in February. They still have some pork.

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